Here at Tara Hall our boys spend very little time sitting in front of the television set! Our location on a beautiful wooded piece of property that is also located on Black Mingo Creek provides an array of opportunities for recreational and educational development.


Tara Hall has an athletic field that has recently been upgraded by the 2011 Leadership Class of the Georgetown County Chamber of Commerce. This field is utilized for any
outdoor games imaginable. Our boys are taught the basic elements of baseball, soccer, kickball, football and even a little bit of track and field. On most school days, unless it is raining or extremely cold, the ball field is used for organized recess activities.

Tara Hall is also blessed to have a beautiful, full-sized gymnasium in the Philip L. VanEvery School Building. The Gym is used for basketball games of course and for recess activities on those rainy and/or cold days that prohibit outdoor activities. The floor is made of a material that even allows the boys and brave adults to roller skate, roller blade and use skateboards.


The location of Tara Hall on Black Mingo Creek enables our boys to participate in two of the most wholesome activities possible; swimming and fishing. If a boy does not know how to swim when he arrives at Tara Hall, he learns pretty soon. Once it warms up just a little bit in the spring, the boys are begging to jump in the water. We have a sliding board and a diving board that add to the many hours of pleasure.

Fishing is another wonderful activity that almost every single boy who comes our way enjoys learning to do. There are numerous individuals and groups who share their time and their talents spending time with the boys on the creek banks. You can’t find a better way for a man, and sometimes a woman, to bond with a boy and share stories and advice.

Tara Hall is very fortunate because there are many individuals and groups in Georgetown County and throughout the state of South Carolina whose passion is fishing and water activities and we always seem to be able to get support for these activities when we need it!


A few years ago Mr. Peyton Parsons from Parsons Nursery in Georgetown donated a green house to Tara Hall . Habitat for Humanity of Georgetown organized a work force of volunteers to build the Green House for us. Debbie Mann of U.S.D.A. and Robin Munnerlyn of Georgetown Soil Conservation have been instrumental in helping provide knowledge and resources as well as sweat equity. With a few grants and the help of individuals and groups too numerous to name, we now have a functioning well-equipped facility in full operation. In 2010 we added electricity, in 2011 we added a sprinkler system and our goal for 2012 is to add a heating system.

We also have outdoor box gardens that we transfer the plants to when they are large enough. In the spring and summer we are growing plenty of vegetables that we actually use in our kitchen. We also grow lots of flowers to add color and beauty. In the fall we plant mostly cabbage and collards but this fall we are going to grow pumpkins!

Many of the boys love to get involved in the gardening program. They love to get their hands dirty and then watch the little seeds they plant in little pots grow so much that they have to be transplanted into the outside garden. Most of the boys don’t necessarily enjoy the weeding part of the process, but when it is time to pick something for the kitchen, they are all on board.

With all of the many outdoor, positive, learning opportunities Mother Nature provides for us, maybe you can see why we don’t spend a lot of time in front of the televisions!