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[Support A Home of Hope button] * link to Ways to Give page

A Home of Hope Campaign

It takes significant financial support to fund Tara Hall’s two major initiatives: Home for Boys and Support for Families. However, the cost of not rescuing these young men from destructive paths is even greater. Rather than continuing in viscous cycles of dysfunction that would likely be passed to another generation, Tara Hall helps break the cycle and sets young men on course for personal success and good citizenship.

We would be most grateful for your support in order to fund Tara Hall’s life-changing initiatives:

Home for Boys

Anyone who has raised a teenage boy understands: It’s expensive. Funding is essential to help defray the normal costs of food, clothing, recreation and medical/dental care, as well as the special needs Tara Hall residents require, such as therapeutic counseling and educational remediation. To provide a well-rounded environment, Tara Hall also provides spiritual encouragement, fine arts programs (music, art, writing), and life skills training.

Support for Families

In order to break cycles permanently, Tara Hall places a special emphasis on strengthening families and guardians. Along with area partners such as the Waccamaw Center for Mental Health, Tara Hall assists with home visitations, provides parenting skills and offers supportive referrals for parents and guardians.

It takes significant financial support to fund Tara Hall’s two major initiatives, but the results are priceless.

The basic annual operating budget for Tara Hall is $800,000. This campaign funds operating expenses and provides a small, cash reserve and support for necessary upkeep and maintenance of Tara Hall’s facilities and equipment.

Home for Boys - $850,000

Support for Families - $150,000

Total Annual Goal - $1,000,000

Please click here to learn other ways you can support A Home of Hope Campaign
link]. *links to Ways to Give


Ways to Give

There are many ways you can support Tara Hall Home for Boys – A Home of Hope Campaign. The most common three ways are gifts of:

Cash – You can give [online link] or send your gift to xxxixxx

Pledge – You can make a long-term commitment to Tara Hall by making a pledge over the next 3-5 years.

Estate -

Please click here to learn more ways you can support A Home of Hope Campaign
link]. *links to 19 Ways to Support A Home of Hope Campaign

Wish List

School Needs:
Construction paper

Residential Needs:
Bedding (twin sheet sets, pillows, Mattress pads)
Towels and wash clothes
Kitchen and cleaning supplies


Volunteers Make a Difference at Tara Hall Home for Boys. There are many ways you can get involved, here are a few:

Tutor – Tara Hall provides an accredited hands on education to the boys of Tara Hall. At times, special help is needed to provide one-on-one support in subjects such as: math, reading, writing and science.

Mentor – At Tara Hall, we cherish and value providing the boys with strong positive influences. We love volunteers that are willing and able to pour into our boys lives and show them that they are important.

Administrative – If you are gifted in administrative skills, we’d love your help with answering phones, filing, preparation of mailings, etc.

Work Day – Each month, Tara Hall hosts a ‘work day’ to keep Tara Hall beautiful and safe. We do things like: paint, minor repairs, gardening, landscaping, etc.

If you are interested in becoming a Tara Hall volunteer, please contact:

Patsy Morris at 843-546-3000