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How long is the program?

Tara Hall is a long-term program. Eighteen months is the initial term of agreement between Tara Hall and families, however, two-to-three years is best.

Why so long?

Change takes time. Many of the Tara Hall boys have faced emotional or behavioral problems so severe that it often takes at least six months to begin building a new foundation of trust.

Why does Tara Hall have it’s own school when there are great schools around the corner?

With careful consideration of each boys needs, we have learned that the one-on-one attention available at our accredited school is best for the boys. Many come to Tara Hall 2-3 years behind their peers and many have social and disciplinary issues that our public schools are unable to devote the time and resources to address them.

How long is the school year?

In addition to the regular school year, Tara hall has a seven week school program over the summer. We find that this both adds necessary structure to the boys lives and most importantly helps them catch up to their expected grade level. Most boys come to Tara Hall two-to-three years behind in school. This gives us adequate time to work with the boys to ensure they are working at their full potential.

May a boy stay longer than two-to-three years?

Yes, if needed or in the best interest of the boy they can stay as long as necessary.

What is a typical day for a Tara Hall boy like?

Tara Hall operates just like a highly functioning home does. The boys wake up, they make their beds and do their chores. After breakfast they spend a full day at school where they get individual attention they need to succeed. Once school is out, Tara Hall boys play outside, help around the campus without outdoor chores, read books, play games, etc. Just like most boys, they love to be outside and work out their energy swimming in the creek, fishing and playing sports.

Tara Hall was started by a Catholic Priest, is it a Catholic organization?

No. Tara Hall’s roots are deeply founded in Biblical principles and we strive to teach the boys to make good moral and ethical decisions.

Where do the boys come from?

Primarily, the boys come from the state of South Carolina. Most boys live within a 100-mile radius of Tara Hall. Since we spend a significant amount of time to work with the families of the boys (to ensure they are ready when the child is prepared to return home) it’s important that the family be within driving distance from Tara Hall.

How does Tara Hall get money?

Tara Hall Home for Boys exists because of the generous contributions of our supporters. We are not a government-funded organization and we rely on donors to fulfill our mission of helping abused and neglected boys.

How much does it cost to run Tara Hall?

It costs approximately $74 per day for each boy at Tara Hall (based on our capacity of 24 boys at one time) which comes to a total of $1,773 per day. This cost covers all of the basic needs of the boys (food, shelter, clothing), the school (teachers salary and benefits, supplies, books, etc.) as well as medical needs (medications, doctor appointments, therapy, etc.). In addition, we focus part of our budget on providing services and resources for the boys families as needed. This allows the boys to return home to a much healthier and safer environment than they left when they came to Tara Hall.