Tara Hall is structured like a highly-functioning, Christian-based home with formal education on site that is designed to provide small class size and individual instruction. Certified to house up to 24 boys at a time, Tara Hall’s extraordinary mission is carried out in its modest, but naturally beautiful, setting… including safe housing, an educational building, quaint chapel and spacious recreational facilities on the banks of the Black Mingo Creek in Georgetown County, SC.

As a private, nonprofit institution, Tara Hall receives less than 1/2% of its annual funding from the government. The boys’ families pay whatever they can afford, but no child is turned away based on a family’s inability to pay.

4 Part Approach


Boys often arrive with only a grocery bag of all of their belongings.

The Basics

We provide safe, clean housing; proper, nutritious meals; recreational opportunities; medical, dental and mental health care; clothing; emotional care and support.

Offering comfort, safety and care is the best way to start earning trust. This can take several months.


Boys need structure. Beyond that they need to learn how to make good decisions and how to develop good habits.

The System for Self Achievement

Our four-tiered system clearly explains that with each level, we expect certain responsibilities and skills to be learned and performed AND that there are rewards and/or privileges that come with achievement.

This helps boys develop emotionally as well as cognitively.


Boys arrive to Tara Hall anywhere from 1 to 3 years behind in their academic development.

On-Campus Program Since 1973

Tara Hall’s school makes us unique among children’s homes. We focus on getting each boy caught up to grade level and to get his classroom behavior under control so he can return to the public system.

Our school boasts several learning options to meet each boy where he is and to take him where he needs to be in his education. We also teach older boys real world business skills, through summer job opportunities, resume writing workshops and more.

Family Services

No matter how abused or neglected a boy may be, he still loves his parents. Child abuse and neglect is a community issue and placing a boy back into the same bad situation makes it very difficult for him to succeed.

Working Together Works Best

We strive to convince families that we ALL need to work together in the best interest of their child. In working with them, we aim to unite and strengthen the families, not just boys. The success of a boy’s transformation is directly related to being able to return to a safe, supportive home environment when he is ready.

To prepare for this reunion, Tara Hall’s has a dedicated Family Services Coordinator. She works closely with each family through home visits, on-campus family workshops and ongoing communication.

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.

– Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.


Tara Hall provides more than basic care such as food, shelter and clothing. We provide opportunities, discipline, education, interaction, life experiences, guidance and, of course, a bit of fun. We act on the principle that it requires a combination of care, structure, education AND mind-broadening experiences to revitalize a boy, helping him realize that his own life offers limitless possibilities. It is called instilling HOPE.

Individualized Education

Guidance in Resume Writing

Online Extended Learning

Sunday Worship

Summer Programs

Boating & Outdoor Programs

Interaction w/ Local Seniors

Day Trips to Sporting Events

Weekend Camping

Fishing Trips

Holiday Gatherings

Field Trips

Interactive Vocational Workshops

Opportunities to Learn Music, Photography and other Fine Arts

Community Service